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company profiles

Zhibo United was established
    Beijing Zhibolian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) was established in 2002 with a registered capital of 39.6 million yuan. The company completed its shareholding restructuring in 2014 and was officially listed on the New Third Board in the same year. The company is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park "Gazelle Program Key Cultivation Enterprise", a member unit of the Nondestructive Testing Professional Committee of the Chinese Civil Engineering Society, and a member of the China Transportation Testing and Inspection Working Committee.
    The company has long been engaged in the research of construction engineering non-destructive testing and online safety monitoring technology and methods, and the development, production and sales of related intelligent testing instruments and systems. The company serves construction, transportation, railway, water conservancy, geophysical prospecting, electric power, universities and many other fields. It can provide customers with self-developed ZBL-U5 series non-metallic ultrasonic detectors, ZBL-R6 series concrete reinforcement detectors, and ZBL- P8 series foundation pile dynamic tester, ZBL-Y series intelligent tensile stress tester, high-supported real-time monitoring and alarm system and more than 30 kinds of products, and provide "engineering inspection information management system" and "engineering Online safety monitoring system for construction and operation". It has successively obtained nearly 100 intellectual property rights including invention patents, software copyrights, utility model patents, and appearance design patents.
Ten years of development
    After more than ten years of development, the company's products are sold in all provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country, and exported to more than a dozen countries such as the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom, and throughout Asia, Europe, the United States, and Africa. Thousands of units, including the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the National Road and Bridge Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the Metallurgical Industry Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Center, and the China Academy of Railway Sciences, have successively become company customers and applied the company’s products to Beijing New Airport Aviation Thousands of key projects at home and abroad, including the station building, Longjiang Bridge, Beijing Subway, CCTV’s new site, South-to-North Water Transfer Project, Chinese Embassy in Korea and Vietnam, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Beijing Tencent Headquarters Building, major high-speed rail projects across the country, etc.
To be a leading enterprise in the field of non-destructive testing
    The company participated in the compilation of "Technical Standards for On-site Testing of Concrete Structures" (GB/T50784-2013), "Specifications for Calibration of Reinforced Bar Covers and Floor Slab Thickness Measuring Instruments" (JJF1224-2009), and "Rebound Tester" (GB/T9138-2015) , "Concrete Rebar Position Tester" (JJG (Traffic) 131-2016), "Crack Width Gauge" (JJG (Transport) 135-2017) Crack Width Gauge and other five national standards or standards. And participated in the preparation of "Technical Regulations for Testing Foundation Piles of Highway Engineering" (JTG/TF81-01) and many local, industry or association engineering quality testing standards.
    The company takes integrity, service, innovation, efficiency, cooperation, and development as its business tenet, and takes "Quality from Professionalism, Service Witness Commitment" as its code of conduct, and will unswervingly take serving the society and serving China's modernization as its mission. Continuously moving towards the development vision of "being a leading enterprise in the field of non-destructive testing".

company culture

To be a leading enterprise in the field of non-destructive testing


development path

  • 2002 2002年11月,公司成立,注册资本50万
  • 2005 2005年1月,第一款自动测桩仪(ZBL-U520A)研制成功
  • 2008 2008年1月,公司注册资本增加至180万
  • 2009 2009年5月,第一款裂缝测深仪(ZBL-F610)研制成功
  • 2010 2010年4月,ZBL-F103裂缝测宽仪研制成功
  • 2012 2012年6月,第一款裂缝综合测试仪(ZBL-F800)研制成功
  • 2014 2014年7月,公司改制为股份公司,注册资本1500万29)
  • 2015 2015年4月,长沙软件部正式成立,从事检测管理系统、在线监测系统的开发
  • 2016 2016年6月,股改后第一次增资扩股,注册资本2550万
  • 2017 2017年7月,股改后第二次增资扩股,注册资本3060万
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